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Mitigate the risk of a WeWork bankruptcy

August 15, 2023

Tl;DR: The recent speculation surrounding WeWork's possible bankruptcy has raised concerns among businesses reliant on their services. The FlexDesk Managed Services program helps WeWork customers transition to a more resilient model that preserves their existing access to WeWork locations, while expanding network coverage to 7,000 coworking sites worldwide and mitigating risk. The FlexDesk Managed Services program is expected to reach capacity by Labor Day 2023, so get in touch to learn more.


Mounting uncertainty surrounding WeWork’s future has led businesses to worry about the potential disruption in the event of a default. Many of WeWork’s customers are actively preparing contingency plans to ensure a seamless transition, should the need arise.

WeWork engagement models

WeWork supports businesses through a variety of engagement models.

1. WeWork on-demand users

Offering pay-per-use access via the WeWork app for individuals seeking ad hoc space.

2. WeWork enterprise all-access customers

Empowering companies to provide global coworking memberships for employees, rapidly growing from conception to $120M in annualized revenue within 15 months.

3. WeWork satellite suites/serviced office customers

Traditional leasing of satellite suites for companies seeking a dedicated workspace solution.

What WeWork customers can be doing now

By taking proactive measures now, you will not only unlock immediate access to a broader network of workspace options, but you will also position the company for a smooth transition in the event of a crisis.

1. WeWork on-demand users

Individuals can easily become an on-demand user of a coworking booking site. These tools provide the same ease-of-use as the WeWork app, with the benefit of expanding space options to other brands like Regus, Premier workspaces, and local brands.

2. WeWork enterprise all-access customers

Companies can migrate over to a coworking booking management platform to provision space access on a national or global scale. There are several benefits to procuring a brand-agnostic platform: 1) risk-mitigation, 2) booking controls, 3) spend analytics, and 4) consolidated billing.

3. WeWork satellite suites/serviced office customers

Companies can use satellite office marketplaces to browse available options. For those without a replacement option finalized before a WeWork bankruptcy, they can leverage coworking booking management platforms as a stop-gap to provision space access while searching for a long-term arrangement.

How FlexDesk Can Help

Companies opt for FlexDesk as their platform of choice to facilitate and manage this transition.

1. Most comprehensive network

FlexDesk is the only platform that supports WeWork, Regus, and a regional/local network of thousands of other brands.

2. Managed services program

Companies with an existing direct MSA with WeWork leverage FlexDesk’s managed admin services, which broadens the space network for employees while mitigating the negative impact of a WeWork default for the company.

3. Satellite office marketplace

Companies can search and filter for available long-term options based on a number of parameters, as well as leveraging the FlexDesk concierge service for curated needs.

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